Monday, January 24, 2011

The Fun of Being a Preacher

There are times when preaching is hard. Sermon preparation isn't always easy; sometimes a message just falls together, but most times, preparation is long and difficult. Prayer (it's hard waiting long enough to listen to God - that's why prayer has to to come first... and second... and third...), Bible study (you wouldn't believe how many things from my personal Bible study seem to apply 100% to what I'm going to preach), research (commentaries, other authors, etc) all go into sermon preparation. Then I shape the message, cutting material, re-organizing (over and over again), reading through it to make sure it's cohesive, and preparing a powerpoint presentation to go along with the message.

But there are just some things that one can't prepare for.

For example, this week during the message, I realized that a scripture I was going to read contained the word "hate."

We don't use that word in our house.

And my kids know it. And they know that rule well enough to correct other adults.

I approached the scripture, realizing that I was going to have to do something, because my kids were sitting in the front row. And they listen. And the scripture (John 15:18-21) contained the word "hate" multiple times.

I started reading the scripture, and I watched Andrew's eyes get big. "We don't say 'hate'!" he exclaimed. So I stopped and explained to him that he's right, we don't say "hate" but this was a case where it was in the Bible because Jesus knew how much people would dislike him. I was ready to give myself a "great dad/preacher" pat on the back, but then Andrew piped up in the kind of voice that only a preschooler would use during a church service.

"We don't say "stupid""

I continued in the message, somewhat embarrassed, trying to just go on with my thought. But Andrew wasn't finished yet.

"We don't say poopiehead!"

Yes, he managed to include all of his "bad words" in front of the whole 9:00 church service. At this, I couldn't contain the laugh. I busted out laughing and said, "I love being a dad." Everyone who heard him was laughing, too. He loved it. I did, too. Yes, it was distracting. No, he doesn't do that every week. Yes, Tara quieted him down quickly and I continued with the message.

The kid is definitely my son, isn't he?


Rev. Becky Piatt said...

Oh My! Thanks for the story, Brian...I laughed out loud! I love being a preacher, but I sure do love being a mommy even more!

Big Mama said...

OHMIGOSH, he IS your son truly and truly! i'm still rolling around with laughter!

Chad said...

that is so awesome. Kids are too great to shovel out of the room. we need em, they are part of the body we need.

Real Life In A Minute said...

Great story. Glad it's written down so it won't get lost over time. We love our preachers!