Thursday, April 14, 2011

Living it

On Wednesday morning, I met my pastor friend Rob for an early morning run in one of our nearby parks. We meet there somewhat frequently (every few weeks now that he has moved out my direction and is somewhat settled now), and we run fast and spend a bit of time talking about what's going on.

I don't usually see other runners (or many walkers, for that matter) where I generally run, but when I do, I always greet them. So we do the same when we're running on the path, even when it means saying "Hi" to the same person multiple times.

Wednesday after we finished running, we were stretching a little before we left, and a guy went by us toward the path. We greeted him and continued stretching. Not long after, we saw him returning to the parking area. He came over to us and asked us, "Are you guys believers in the Lord Jesus Christ?"

That kicked off a cool conversation and we were all able to encourage one another and ended up praying together, but we asked him how he knew we were believers. He said that he had seen us on the path before and the way we always greeted people made an impact. There was just something about us...

The way we go about our normal day-to-day activities is important. The way we treat total strangers, the way we participate in our hobbies, the way we behave wherever we go... it all reflects who we are and Whose we are. Everyone can make an impact for Christ by living for Him.


Big Mama said...

Beautiful!! I'd like to post this at work, may I? We all tend to forget how our behavior affects those around us--and speaks volumes for our Christianity-or lack thereof.

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Cassi Duncan said...

Something to think about. :)