Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chris Tomlin Concert

I hadn't been to a concert in ages, but I had seen Chris Tomlin as worship leader back at my Youth Specialties Convention days - so I knew what to expect. Not much talk, and a lot of worship music. I was not disappointed. 

I really liked the new songs, and they plays enough old favorites to keep everyone happy. They even brought out beach balls for the finale (ok, that was a little cheesy). 

But the greatest moment was totally unscripted. It was at the beginning of a song (I Will Rise), the song started slowly and the lyrics were about Jesus overcoming death- and the crowd began to cheer. Not just polite "I like this song" cheering, but from the heart. And even Chris Tomlin noticed. You could see in his face that he was blown away, pleased, and totally humbled by the outpouring of excitement for what Jesus did. True worship, indeed!

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pam said...

by far one of my favorite songs is I will Rise by Tomlin. Thanks for sharing this, that song gets me choked up and hope fills me when days are dark. :)