Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pastor Appreciation

I have been a pastor for twelve years, and something I learned as a pastor was that October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Funny that I never heard I such a thing until I was a pastor. 

Anyway, this month is a little strange. The first time I "celebrated" it, I was an associate pastor, and the senior pastor told the committee that it was time to solicit donations for pastor appreciation. Awkward!

So in various churches I have seen it done differently, but it has always followed one of two patterns. Either nobody says or does anything, or the congregation gives a monetary gift. 

After last year's experience was in the former category, I wasn't expecting much this year. But the church surprised me with an after-church lunch and a trip to a Chris Tomlin concert (including money for dinner and gas and they even provided babysitting)!

I have always been a proponent of "experience" gifts and this fit the bill and was also a great time for a date night with Tara!

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Big Mama said...

Wonderful picture! So glad we could be there for the other kids! Also so glad you liked it. Your church loves you!