Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Some days...

There are days when I want to look like this:

There are other days when I actually do look like that. Yeah, i got my hair cut last week. I would have left the mohawk, but I can't imagine getting any respect... you think it's bad now, it'd just be that much worse with the hair. Surprisingly, I got many positive comments about the new buzz. I have gotten the buzz many times before, but I've never gotten so many good comments about it!

So anyway, today I had another talk with the SP. I laid it out what I'm feeling, what I'm going through, how I interpreted his comments last week, how I'm feeling pretty much left out on my own, and he was pretty understanding. He said he doesn't want me to leave, but he thinks my credibility is almost shot here. From the people he's been talking to, I can imagine that; they never liked me in the first place! But wouldn't it be a gas if I was able to get the rocking youth ministry started and then God decided to call us somewhere else? That would be the way it always has gone for me. Why should I expect anything more? I'm the link in the chain: someone plants, Brian waters, and someone else sees the gain. Not a bad thing, but not the glory position!

Right now I'm listening to some Kenny Wayne Shepherd and thinking, "I should get off the computer and play some guitar." So with that in mind, I'm going to just do it.

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nate said...

i'm glad you spoke to the pastor (and that you got rid of the mohawk!!!). I think it was a smart move laying it out like that. what did you have to loose. I have found that most stressful situations in relationships come from misunderstandings. It seems to me that things aren't as bad as you thought they were. My hope and prayer is that you and the SP will grow closer and work together to make your church an awesome place to all the way around. It is also my prayer that you keep your positive attitude and willingness to do what God wants.