Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Am So Not a Camera Man

I know I did a decent job filming the LTMS girls' B-team basketball games sometimes, but today I was asked to film the NKHS varsity soccer game. I hope they like lots of out-of-focus shots, wide angles, and views of the fans, trees, and sky as I watched the game instead of filming.

The game was insane. I never saw so much complaining at the officials as I did from the opponents, especially from their coaches. There were several yellow cards awarded (including to the bench), and one kid received his second yellow and was ejected... but minutes later returned to the field??!?!?! And I thought that a team had to play a man down following an ejection, but they played full strength.

It didn't help things that we conceded a goal in the first minute, or that in a scrum in front of their net, the referee chose to whistle for a penalty shot instead of allowing the goal (and then the penalty was blocked). The result was 1-1.

Our keeper had the save of his young life on a breakaway; he came out with a textbook perfect slide to deny a good attacker an excellent look at goal. And on another play, my buddy Nick saved a sure goal off the line.

Did I ever mention that I would much rather play than watch on the sidelines?

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Mary Beth said...

I got to see my first college soccer game up close and personal the other day. I had previously only watched the Chicago Fire play from way up in the stands.

There's still a lot I don't understand (like half of your post), but it is much more exciting to watch it from the fence rather than the nosebleed section.

I even got to here the ref say that he was going to boot a guy from the game if he didn't stop his complaining!

I might eventually be a fan!